Army Modeling & Simulation School

Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS)

ACS is integral part of the Simulations Operations Officers training. Currently up to 7 officers are selected to attend a two-year masters program to obtain a Master's of Science Degree in Modeling and Simulation, or a related field. Schools our officers attend are carefully screened to ensure student officers receive high quality education in the field of simulations. ACS requires a significant amount of personal initiative on the part of officers. To a large extent, officers determine which program they attend. Officers have a choice of selecting the University of Central Florida, Naval Post Graduate School, or other select universities.

Officers wishing to attend ACS should contact the FA57 assignment officer and prepare an ACS packet. See Eligibility and Application Procedures.

For specific guidelines, see AR 621-1 when preparing the ACS packet.

Applications will be accepted for all officers that have met all basic branch requirements in their current grade.

Questions regarding Advanced Civil Schooling can be submitted via EMAIL.