Military Program - FA57

Qualificiation Course

The Simulation Operations Course provides individuals with an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, practices, procedures, and concepts necessary to integrate battle command, models and simulations into the operational environment. Functional Area 57 officers must attend this course for award of the Functional Area 57 designation.

The curriculum emphasizes the following topics:

     - Battle Command Officer roles and responsibilities

     - Knowledge of battle command, modeling and simulation

     - Applying battle command activities, models and simulations to a operational environment

     - Creating and modifying models and simulations

     - Integrating models and simulations with unit training programs and battle command systems

The Simulation Operations Course will enable students to:

     - Provide expert advice on Army model and simulation systems to the training and operational communities, focusing on the integration of simulations into training for mission requirements.

     - Provide expertise in planning, preparing, supervising, and executing events, experiments, and exercises supported by models and simulations.

     - Provide expertise in managing, developing, fielding, and maintaining models and simulations.

     - Participate in the development, equipping, and maintenance of simulation product repositories and interoperability standards development.