Military Program - FA57

- Proponent: LTG Erik Peterson, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8
- Executive Agent: Dr. Steven Stoddard
- Functional Proponent: Mr. Roger S. Samuels
- Proponent Officer: LTC Sean McEntee

FA57 Video and Brochure:

FA57 Brochure
FA57 Video
2022 FA 57 Brochure

FA 57:Simulation Operations Functional Area (FA) 57 Officers specialize in creating realistic simulation environments where leaders plan, train, test, and experiment in support of readiness, modernization, and enhanced decision support. FA57s are the Army’s experts at translating complex concepts into viable readiness and modernization solutions by leveraging new and emerging technologies. Simulation Operations Officers are highly effective at planning, preparing, communicating, and executing simulation support at the tactical, operational, and strategic level. FA57s execute their roles in the Operating, Institutional, and Joint Force across three core competencies:

  1. Readiness: As expert exercise planners and technical integrators, FA57s design diverse, challenging, and realistic simulation events that enhance readiness and lethality through the use of the live, virtual, and constructive simulations.
  2. Modernization: FA57s create simulation environments that allow for the rapid prototyping and experimentation of existing and future capabilities and concepts throughout the various phases of research, development, testing, experimentation, analysis, and capability development. As part of the Army Modernization Enterprise (AME), FA57s translate operational needs into technical requirements to support the full range of Multi Domain Operations (MDO) for concept, capability, and force development.
  3. Enhanced Decision Support: FA57s assist commanders in generating real time situational awareness, creating faster decision making cycles, and increasing the level of confidence in knowledge sharing at home station, in training, and while deployed. FA57s integrate Knowledge Management principles with Command and Control (C2) / Mission Command Information Systems (MCIS) and staff processes to provide leaders with the right information, in the right format, at the right time to drive enhanced decision-making.

FA57 officers serve as advisors to senior leaders on the use of simulations in support of readiness, modernization, and enhanced decision support to accomplish Army missions and functions. Models and simulations (M&S) operations encompass a diverse set of disciplines founded in doctrine and emerging best practices. FA57 officers serve at all levels of command across the operational and institutional force. FA57 currently has 319 authorizations in the Active Army and 209 in the Reserve Component with ranks ranging from Captain to Colonel.

Education & Training:

- Simulation Operations Course — FA57 Qualification Course

- Advanced Simulation Course (ASC)

- Intermediate Level Education/Advanced Operations Warfighting Course

- School for Advanced Military Studies

- Advanced Civil Schooling

- Army Modeling and Simulation School

- Army Analysis, Modeling and Simulation Course Spreadsheet

Personnel Authorizations (CAC access only)

Career Path