Military Program - FA57

Intermediate Level Education/ Advanced Operations Warfighting Course

ILE is the Army's formal education program for senior captains and majors. ILE consists of a common core of operational instruction offered to all officers, and additional education opportunities tied to the requirements of the officer's branch or FA. Eligibility to attend resident ILE common core and the Advanced Operations and Warfighting Course (AOWC) is determined by the Army. Additionally, officers must have graduated from or have credit for completing a branch CCC.

(1) Select branch and FA officers will receive the common core course at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas during the first 16 weeks of ILE and follow on attendance at AOWC for 24 weeks. The remaining officers who do not attend resident ILE at Fort Leavenworth will receive the common core course from CGSC instructors at one of the satellite campuses and as prescribed through ADL and the TASS. Following the common core FA officers attend individual qualification course ranging from two to 178 weeks in length. Qualification courses provide officers the technical preparation for assignments in their respective FAs. Completion of the ILE common core and the respective branch or FA qualification course qualifies the officers for award of MEL 4 and JPME I.

(2) Some officers may attend the Navy, Marine, or Air Command and Staff Colleges, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), or a foreign school that has been granted ILE equivalency. School selections result from a comparative appraisal of all eligible officers, including a careful review of these elements: the scope and variety of tasks performed and how well they were performed, the degree or level of responsibility, the trend of efficiency up or down, intelligence and independent judgment in implementing decisions, and an estimate of potential. Officers selected for attendance at other than the Army Intermediate Staff College may attend the ILE common core at a satellite site, TDY en route.