Civilian Program CP36


- Functional Chief: Ms. Susan Goodyear
- Functional Advisor: Dr. Steven Stoddard
- Career Manager: Ms. Patricia Hughes

Background: Career Program 36 (CP36) is the Department of Army's civilian Analysis, Modeling and Simulation career program, for training, educating, developing civilian human capital and talent management. The Program was approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Army {Manpower and Reserve Affairs, (ASAM&RA)} on 15 February 2005. CP36 serves Army Analysis, Modeling and Simulation professionals and is pervasive throughout the Army in Acquisition, Analysis, Testing & Evaluation, Training, Experimentation, Intelligence, Medical, Logistics, and Cyber.

Education and Training Opportunities:

- Army Modeling and Simulation School - Mr. Roger Samuels
- Army Modeling and Simulation Education & Training Database - Mr. Christopher Herrmann
- Science, Engineering and Analysis Career Field (SEA-CF) - Mr. Dennis Finn
- Career Program 36 MilSuite - Ms. Patricia Hughes